What are kitchen hoods and range hoods

No matter what type of kitchen you have, kitchen hoods are absolutely necessary. They keep the smell and smoke at bay. Just by keeping your kitchen windows open, proper ventilation cannot be achieved. The steam produced in the kitchen can make the area damp and you might even spot some dirty moulds in the kitchen cabinets and racks. The kitchen range hoods are basically a fan/blower that is enclosed to reduce air pollution caused while cooking. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to meet with varied customer needs.

Kitchen hoods are of mainly two types. The ducted type model is highly effective. It expels out all the odors, gas, excess moisture and smoke through the grease filters and metal ducting. If you have the provision of external wall, the ducted type hood will be the best for you. The other type is the re-circulation hood. It draws the impure air through grease filters and then passes it through charcoal filters to purify the air. There is an opening in this type of hood to return the purified air. The grease filters that are used requires to be cleaned or changed after every 3-4 months whereas the charcoal ones, after 18 months. In apartments without external walls, re-circulation range hoods would be the perfect choice.

Kitchen hoods have many advantages. They do much more than keeping the pollutants away. As the dirty air is forced out, owing to the low pressure the fresh outdoor air takes its place that ensures a healthier living environment. There are a number of food items which are quite strong smelling, like the jackfruit. Exotic recipes of curries can be tried when you sure it leave any trace of any smell. The cabinets and kitchen racks tend to get sticky because of the excess moisture and grease; good range hoods can help getting rid of that. These hoods are also a source of light. As the hood is placed quite close to the cookware, the low voltage light is good enough for cooking purposes.

There are a few things that one must consider while buying kitchen hoods. Check out the extraction rate of the Kitchen hoods; the higher the value the better it is. Choose the fan correctly. There are generally, two types of fans i.e. the centrifugal and rotary. Though rotary is the less expensive one but centrifugal fan is much more efficient. You must see that the noise level is not too high. You can settle with the hood with a noise level between 60-65 DB. According, to the size of your room the range or length of the range hoods must be decided. A 30 inch hood for small kitchens is okay while big kitchen may require something like 38, 48 or 52 inch kitchen hoods. These days' range hoods are available in varied colors to go well with your kitchen. One can try the colorful chimneys rather than the boring stainless steel, black or white ones. Whatever be the style, they all function in the same way.

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