HP TouchSmart IQFiveThreeFiveuk PC - Stylish and Slim Gen-Next All-In-One PC

TouchSmart PCs from HP (Hewlett-Packard) have been a great hit among gadget lovers around the globe. HP TouchSmart PC, so far as its functions, usability, market potential and the technology in itself show a great advance in next generation computing devices from HP. Hewlett-Packard proves once again and deserves the numero uno spot in the computer technology and manufacturing industry. Let's discover some of the major features that make HP TouchSmart PC, a dream computer to place on your desk.

Touch Technology

The way computer technology is evolving, it won't be surprising to find gadgets like mouse off from the computer world. As touch sensitive technology is cruising through computing technology, the belief becomes stronger day by day. You won't be finding the busiest curser on your TouchSmart PCs, anymore. HP says it as "Ever notice a disconnect between your mouse and that little arrow on the screen? Well, skip the middleman with HP TouchSmart PCs. Just touch the screen to feel the fun and have a more visually pleasing computing experience." The new TFDA (i.e. Tap, Flick, Drag and Arc) functions would be the best experiences of your HP TouchSmart PCs:

• Tap objects to select them and double tap to open programs.
• Flick your finger within menus to "scroll" left or right, up or down, through selections such as music albums and photos.
• Drag objects on the display by pressing, holding and sliding them to your desired location.
• Arc objects in a sweeping motion, like dragging, to comfortably move them.


HP has been leading the computer technology sector by introducing numerous high end technologies from time to time. So far, one of my favourite products is HP TouchSmart IQ535uk Desktop PC, which is a powerful 22" diagonal widescreen BrightView LCD that has a touch screen display with tilt adjustment (10 to 40 degrees) and resolution: 1680x1050. Whether it is for work, or play, this HP TouchSmart PCs will make an ideal choice as it is packed with powerful specifications. It is powered by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor P7450 and Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset, has 4 GB DDR2-SDRAM and a spacious 1 TB SATA 3G Hard Disk Drive (5400 rpm). It comes pre-installed with the 64-bit Windows Vista Home Premium OS.


The HP TouchSmart IQ535uk Desktop PC measures at 535 x 84 x 442 mm and weighs at 10.70 kg. It has a glossy black-gray casing with some pattern designs on both the inside and the outside. One can get other accessorieswith the original product like wireless keyboard with hide-away bay and numeric keypad, wireless optical mouse, integrated VGA webcam with built-in microphone, cleaning cloth and HP Vista Media Center Remote Control.


Software you get with HP TouchSmart IQ535uk Desktop PC are HP MediaSmart Suite : Music, Video, DVD, Photo ; Windows Photo, Gallery ; Windows Media Player ; Windows Movie Maker, Windows DVD Maker ; Cyberlink DVDSuite ; Muvee AutoProducer ; EasyBits Magic Desktop ; HP Games Console with hours of free, game play, featuring EA™ Spore™ Creature Creator, Microsoft® Works, Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7.0; Windows Mail; Adobe® Reader 8.0, Windows Media Center.

This HP TouchSmart IQ535uk Desktop PC with touch sensitive technology has been pretty impressive so far as its style and performance is concerned. More information can be obtained from System Active.

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