Our Car Buying Guide

ENGINE: We have listed all the engine parameters and performance figures
that are relevant while selecting a car. Engine capacity and number of
Cylinder is listed along with power and roads as well as on the highway to arrive at an overall fuel economy rating, which you will find herewith. We are also the first magazine in India to list the CO2 Emission figures, especially for the eco conscious.

FEATURES: are essential to make your choice and hence it's comprehensive as it can get. We have not included features that are mostly useless or are available in very few cars. Apart from the normal features like aircon, power steering, power windows, stereo and fog laps, We have also listed helpful ones like climate control, through which you can set the exact temperature, defogger, which helps you get rid of mist on car's  rear wind torque figures how by just knowing them, your buying decision isn't complete. Hence you will find

Other factor like acceleration top speed braking and fuel efficiency, along with the CO2 emission, all of which have been tested by our experts for your benefit. All these tests are carried in the real life environment and broadly represent the figures that you will
normally get. The first these figures judge the fun factor of a car like how can you fast sprint  to 100km\hr or the top speeds which the car can attain. We also put the cars test on city shield, steering adjustment (Y=fully adjustable, H=height adjustment, N=not adjustable)
and many more.

SAFTY: cannot be ignored anymore, more so thanks to the fast cars arriving on our shores and better roads to drive them on. So a quick glimpse through the pages will inform you whether your choice of variant comes with ABS, airbags and traction control or not. 

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