Property for Sale in Australia

Choosing a new home, or any new property, is not something to be taken lightly. Whoever you are, a house is not an insignificant investment, which is why it's important to get it right. Before you even consider the building itself though, or even the area, you need to pick a country; and at the top of everybody's lists at the moment is Australia.

There are hundreds of good reasons to live/own a property in Australia, and with interest steadily growing and homes still relatively affordable, while still surviving the hit of the economic crisis far better than most, they're a great investment too.

The first reason everyone wants to live in Australia is the sunshine, which means a constantly blue sky with brilliant sunshine unrivalled by most other climates. This can make a great change for those used to unpredictable rain and wind and also makes for attractive scenery and lots of wildlife and fauna (few other countries offer such great potential for a safari). This climate means drinks on the patio in the evening, or days out to enjoy the wonderfully diverse scenery. And the scenery is diverse, from the stretches of beach (which are also often almost completely empty unlike the tourist-packed beaches in Europe and America), to the jungle in Queensland and elsewhere, to the rainforests, to the mountains, to the heavily urbanised cities. Few other places can boast such diversity and it's great for anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.

There are also many good opportunities and facilities in Australia, with a good educational system and free parks for children and good jobs for adults. Financial security through the possibility to forego a mortgage, where you may not have been able to in Europe, can also make a great difference to the lifestyle of those living there. You can also look forwards to enjoying good shopping, nightlife and entertainment in the built up areas (and great wine).

Australia is also known for its friendly population and laid back lifestyle. These together lead to a feeling of safety that mean it's possible to go for walks without worrying about who you might meet; those you do meet are more likely to wish you G'day than to try and rob your purse. This laid back attitude can be seen in some of the other expressions to come out of Oz too: 'it'll be right Give it a go, And 'no worries'. All of which result in a work-life balance that still emphasizes life over work. Many people who live there describe the feeling of live-and-let-live that makes Australia such a liberating experience. For English speaking investors it's also highly helpful that everyone there speaks the same language too, which can prevent the 'Babel' problem associated with moving to many other warmer countries (and also means you can enjoy the TV, publications and radio).

With all these benefits it's not surprising how popular Australia is becoming and that so many people want to live there. This all makes Oz the perfect option for anyone looking to buy a house either to live in or to make a very clever investment.

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