Leaps-And-Bounds Online Review

A friend told me about Leaps and Bounds online store, when I was looking for outdoor items for my son. I loved the selection that the store had, and there were several items that fit my budget. The site was set up in and easy-to-use format. I liked the deals that the site offered, and purchased the daily deal. The details for each product I bought, were extensive, so I knew exactly what I was purchasing.

The Website

The website is geared toward kids, and there is a section for babies as well. It is set up with tabs for outdoor toys, indoor toys and other items for children, like safety products. The front page has a section for sale items, which is always my favorite place to check. I like the fact that the site has a deal of the day, this makes it easy for me to save money on toys for the huge amount of nieces and nephews I have.


I loved the selection of outdoor toys. I was able to find several items that my son would enjoy and a new bike. The online store had a bigger selection than most department stores, so I was happy with the outcome. Leaps and Bounds is also a great place to find travel and safety items for children, so I will be shopping there again.


I liked the fact that the details section explained the purpose of the training bike I ordered. I was also able to see how much it would cost to ship the item and reviews on the bike. My favorite part was the addition of how much time it would take to assemble the bike.

Leaps and Bounds has a good online store, and I will keep shopping there for sale items, safety products and gifts. I enjoyed the details about the products and easy access to reviews, when needed. The deal of the day is worth the visit, especially for people who like to set a little aside through out the year for birthday and Christmas gifts. The toys are high quality, and the shipping wasn't a problem with my purchases.

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