Barnes and Noble Online Review

Barnes and Noble is a great store for students, avid readers, children, coffee-lovers, etc. You can look for books about anything, from children's books, mysteries, religious books, how-tos, anything you could possibly imagine, They also have music and CD's to choose from. You can sit quietly and grab a cup of coffee from the cafe and even test your book out for the first chapter or so in the cafe. For students, this is great. It is like having a Strabucks with books. You can sit down with books on the subject that you are needing for your work and then you can sit down at the table and do you work with a good, hot cup of coffee and a small pastry.

Barnes and Noble is a place for the whole family. Your student could be studying, your spouse looking in the fictional section, your pre-teen in the music area, and you can then take your youngest over to the children's area. There is a small stage where book readings are held every so often for the young ones and sometimes puppets are used to make the story even more inviting and enjoyable. There are also toys and a table with blocks or trains on it. This way, the mother can enjoy looking for her own books or gifts for others, and feel like they can have their youngster enjoying their own thing. The children's section is very spacious and completely different from the rest of the store. There are smaller, kid-sized tables and chairs. And the books for the smallest children are down lower. This way your child can feel like a big kid and get their own books and look at them at the table, just like the older family members.

Barnes and Noble has everything you need, from calendars to Bibles, to magazines, to trivia games. You can find CD's and books that you cannot seem to find anywhere else. The prices are great and you can make sure the book quality is excellent. If you have a book lover in your family or as a friend, then this store has everything you need for gift shopping. And if the options are over-whelming, then you may consider getting a gift card. They are easy and the perfect gift for anyone, not just your loved one who loves books.

Barnes and Noble is the best store for everyone, for all ages, and you can find something for all occasions and is the perfect gift at all times.

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