Accurate Psychic Advice is Not Easy to Find Or is It

When you are psychic and you have met thousands of psychics you are drawn to other professional psychics, as it comes across in everything they do.

Take a typical psychic fair which will give you a broad spectrum of psychics, whether psychic mediums, tarot readers, rune readers, palmists, you will notice they all do it differently accept for the professionals.

10 Ways to Spot a Professional Psychic

1. The look the part, they just look well presented and professional as they can afford to dress smartly and everything around them will look perfect and elegant.

2. They all have business cards that are well designed, none of this I don't have one or I printed some off on my £30 dollar printer this morning on perforated card.

3. They have brochures that again look like they have been professionally printed, well thought out and clearly state how they can help you.

4. They have well designed posters that tell you about their workshops. They are happy to step up and be judged on their skills.

5. They have a mailing list so that they can stay in touch and let you know about their next fair or class. Many will offer a free drawing for a consultation as they value you as a potential long term client that can only be retained by giving accurate psychic advice.

6. They have a web site which has been created by a professional.

7. They don't answer to a boss, they make their money working full time as an independent professional psychic.

8. They pay attention to detail; they have a credit card machine, have a float for change, can offer receipts and have a cash box. In fact you can guarantee they have a check list to make sure they are well prepared.

9. If they have read for you before you will have received an email about the event to allow you to priority book them.

10. The best psychics are psychic mediums and prefer not to use tools such as tarot unless specifically asked for. When you are tuned in at this level you simply don't need tools.

So the secret is simple, to get the best psychic advice just look for the professionals, they will stand out if you pay attention to detail.

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