Ecost Online Review

I was searching for an inexpensive camera and landed on I ended up purchasing the camera I wanted, and a few other lower quality cameras for gifts. had cheap items and an okay selection for what I wanted to purchase. I liked the fact that the SD card I needed was in the add-ons list, so I didn't have to search for it. The site has many sections on the front page, that others do not. The rebate section was interesting, as well as the bargain countdown selection.

The Front Page

The site is easy enough to navigate, but there is a lot of information on the front page. Visually it may not be the easiest on one's eyes, but I liked the fact that everything I wanted to know about, had a spot on the front page. Searching through a site to find a link to the right page, is sometimes frustrating, but with this website I was able to find more than enough out about the site. There were deals, an email list, and links to paypal and bill-me-later information.

Item Details

I was excited to see pictures of every angle, of my new camera, prior to purchasing it. The item page had a ton of information about the camera, quality of pictures, and what went with it. I liked seeing the model number and warranty information on the item page, as well. Everything I wanted to know about my new purchase was listed, even details I didn't need to know, so I got a little bit of an education.

Additional Ways to Pay

My paycheck is usually deposited onto my Paypal account, which made me like even more. One of the first things I noticed was that they took this form of payment, which made it nice to just enter my email address, not a whole credit card number. They also offered Bill Me Later, for those people who want to finance the purchase, or pay for it at a later date. These options make it very convenient, for those who don't want to pay in a standard way.

I purchased three cameras from, because I found some lower quality versions that are great for pre-teens. I also break cameras easily, so it's always good to have a spare laying around the house. I will return to the online store for future purchases.

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