Crate And Barrel Online Review

Crate and Barrel stores sell indoor and outdoor furniture, small appliances, gourmet food and beverages, and decorative items. The store also sells items used for preparing and serving food. The indoor furniture sold at Crate and Barrel is for dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. The outdoor furniture includes chairs, tables, and umbrellas. Covers for outdoor furniture are also sold. Furniture that is already assembled and furniture that is ready to be assembled are both sold.

Some of the small appliances sold are mixers, blenders and waffle makers. Gourmet food and beverage items offered include dressings, oils, and drink mixes. Decorative items include mirrors, candle holders, and picture frames. The items that can be purchased from Crate and Barrel for serving and preparing food are plates, silverware, glasses, cups, serving dishes, table linens, pots, and pans. Crate and Barrel has retail stores and outlet stores. The company also has CB2 retail and outlet stores and Land of Nod retail and outlet stores. CB2 stores sell housewares at lower prices than the Crate and Barrel stores. The housewares at CB2 are geared towards younger, more modern consumers than the housewares at Crate and Barrel. Land of Nod stores sell children's furniture and accessories.

Crate and Barrel offers store credit cards which can be used in the stores or online. Gift cards for different amounts can be purchased and used in the stores and online. Unused gift cards do not expire. Catalogues for Crate and Barrel can be requested for no charge or viewed online. Crate and Barrel, CB2, and Land of Nod all offer gift registries. Purchases from the gift registries can be made at the stores or online. During the holiday season Crate and Barrel offers holiday gift wrap and decorations.

Many of the items that would be needed to furnish a house can be found at Crate and Barrel. As well as furniture, the store sells items that are necessary make a house more livable. These items include sheets and pillows, towels, lamps, plates, cups, glasses, cookware and eating utensils. One trip to Crate and Barrel can provide shoppers with many of the things they need to start living in a new home.

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