Guess Online Review

For those in search of fashionable, hip, high-end clothing, Guess should top the list of shopping experiences. This brand's styles tend more towards the young adult range. The clothing might not necessarily be consider classy, but that is not to say it isn't fashionable. Guess' designs are preppy and hot, sexy and adventurous, while still being affordable and easy to wear.

Guess offers a full line of women's clothing with sizes from XS to Large as well as sizes 1-9. It is important to note that jeans are sold in European sizes, however. The clothing sold includes shorts, skirts, leggings, capris, jeans, dresses, jackets, t-shirts, sweaters, tanks, short and long-sleeved tops, vests, and swimwear. Customers will likely not find any clothing items below the $50 mark and will more than likely see prices in the $100 range. Styles are flattering but definitely not for those who are overly self-conscious or looking for high modesty. Jeans are tight, shorts are short, swimwear is somewhat skimpy, and dresses show off curves.

For men, the Guess line is preppy and full of rich taste. Their selection includes jeans, jackets, blazers, dress shirts, polos, t-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, and shoes. Again, most of the products are at least $75, but some of the men's t-shirts can be relatively inexpensive at times.

Guess is also known for its extensive line of accessories. Not only can customers find fashionable clothing. They can also find a high quality, though expensive, selection of belts, jewelry, scarves, shoes, wallets, watches, sunglasses, fragrances, and the popular Guess handbags and purses.

Guess also has several off-shoot lines, including Guess by Marciano, GuessKids, and G by Guess. Guess by Marciano offers products in the same general price range as Guess, but sells more sophisticated styles that would be worn to elegant occasions. GuessKids is a collection of stylish clothing for the children. Finally, G by Guess is a more inexpensive, casual fashion line for those who want to be stylish but not always dressed to the nines.

This brand name is a leader in modern fashion and offers insight into the fashion world for its interested customers. Guess' quality website is organized and full of fashion-forward ideas, inspiration-boosting pictures, and description of modern trends. If you don't mind spending money on fashion, you'll find a superb quality at all four of the Guess lines that is not easily beaten or replicated in other local city stores.

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