Got Fat Why Hitting The Warm-Up Could Mean Shocking Results

It's A simple TRUTH with most anything in life.

There's a "warm-up" period.

Losing your humiliating body fat is no different.

Problem is... most of us learn it the hard way. I did. Had so much fat caked to my stomach. Probably needed to lose about 15 pounds in all.

I knew I was doing the right things. The exact same things that had caused the amazing results I'd witnessed others getting.

Why weren't they happening for me.

"I must be different. That must be the REAL reason I wasn't losing the fat."

I remember thinking those thoughts at the time. I now know they are at the heart of why most people never lose the weight they hope for.

They don't realize there's a "warm-up".

That just like you "warm-up" before you begin working out. Your body needs to warm-up before it starts releasing fat.

I didn't know this.

Which is why quit. Moved on to something else.

The next latest and greatest fad. The diet secret that just hit the market.

I bet you can relate.

You think "surely I should have seen results by now. It must be time to try something else."

I believe it would be appalling to know just how many people have been denied the body they truly want because they don't know about this mysterious phenomenon. They don't know about the "warm-up".

They don't know that for a shocking amount of people, the best results begin to occur after one or two full weeks of commitment.

Do you have the belief?

The faulty bit of garbage lodged in your mind that is constantly whispering "if the results don't come fast... it must NOT be working".

If you answered yes... then this letter is for you.

I realize that you're probably "frustrated". Not getting the results you want. May even be ready to "throw in the towel".

I WARN you... you just may miss the most exciting part. The part where you literally watch the pounds plummet day after day, every time you step on the scale. What I've found is that it takes one to two weeks of genuine commitment to a solid, proven weight loss method, before the results really start pouring in.

It's the warm-up.

Honestly... I don't fully know the science behind it.

It's just plain TRUE for many, many people.

There bodies seem to "ease" into it. But once there in... the results come a lightning speed!

Remember... weight loss is an inside out process. It begins from the inside. It's far more involved than just doing something for one or two days and watching the fat drop of your belly.

You're body goes through a whole bunch of processes before it begins to burn fat.

Before it gets in the fat burning "zone".

These processes require time.

Biggest mistake I see people making is that they give-up before they make it through the "warm-up" period. They stop three feet from gold! A day or so before their bodies hit that exact moment when everything begins to "click".

The moment when the pounds of fat really begin to drop away.

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