EBay, Amazon and PayPal Suspended Accounts and How EBay Tracks You

Have you had a seller's account suspended by EBay and tried to start a new account, only to have the new account suspended as well? How did EBay find out that the new account was connected to someone with a suspended account? It's pretty simple, actually. They follow the trail you leave. Just as with business or personal financial transactions in the past that left paper trails that could easily be followed, every time you log onto the Internet, you leave a trail. How do companies keep track of what you do and who you are?

There are several ways. The most common way is for a company to use "cookies". Many companies install a cookie on your computer when you visit a website or open an email. Temporary cookies are stored on your browser and can easily be deleted. Some companies, though, use permanent cookies that are actually installed onto your hard drive. Once you have registered at a site and cookies have been installed on your hard drive, a site can keep track all of your movements within that site.

Other ways that EBay uses to track you include your email address, bank information, address, telephone number, social security number, credit card information, and your PayPal account, if it didn't get frozen or limited as well. If your home business includes selling products on EBay, and your account has been frozen, you do have options. But, before you create a new seller account, you should find out all the ways EBay uses to link your old account to your new one so that you can avoid having the new account suspended.

EBay suspends accounts for a variety of reasons including too much negative feedback, suspicion of selling counterfeit products (even if you are the victim of an unscrupulous supplier), someone with a suspended account using your computer, and sometimes, for no valid reason at all. Though you may know the reasons that EBay suspends accounts, you still should know the best ways to avoid getting suspended again. The only way to assure your success with your new EBay seller account after you have been suspended is to learn how to set up your account properly and how to protect your account.

Following are the eleven steps that are mandatory if you want a new account set up on EBay and PayPal that won't just be suspended again:

1. You must obtain a brand new IP address; an easy way is to obtain a new second IP address.
2. You must delete all of the cookies AND all of the permanent persistent cookies that have been planted in your computer.
3. You must create a new name for yourself.
4. You must obtain a new mailing address.
5. You must obtain a new phone number.
6. You must obtain a new email address.
7. You must obtain a new bank account with your new name on it.
8. You must obtain a new credit or debit card with your new name on it.
9. You must create a new username that does not have any similarity to your old one.
10. You must create a new password that has no similarity to your old one.
11. You must create new answers to any security questions you may have provided on your old account, which have no similarities to the old ones.

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