Top Fat Loss Secret this Christmas Season

With Christmas around the corner, it is easy to gain weight during the season. With all the parties, social gatherings, food and drinks, it's the season when people put some pounds in their bellies. It doesn't help that the weather enables you to hide the weight gain but nevertheless, there is a tendency to be tardy in your exercise and diet during the season.

You can lose weight during the Christmas season. It is possible if you have the will and determination to not only maintain your figure but lose weight during this winter celebration. What is this top fat loss secret? Actually, it's nothing new but here are some things that you can do to lose the weight during the Christmas season:

- Go on a liquid diet to prevent yourself from eating during parties and gatherings. There are many liquid diets which you can do during the Christmas season. You can go on a liquid vegetable diet using carrots, cabbages or lettuce which you juice up and feed during the day. This type of diet enables you to lose fat and weight easily but it may also weaken you as well. The best thing you can also do during this time is to time this liquid diet when you are at home. A week of following this liquid diet may lead you to lose at least 10 to 15 pounds. And when you feel tired, take a nap.

- Workout on the gym during the holiday season. Its contrarian thinking but the gym would be the least busy place during the holidays. Instead of spending your time hitting the pillows and blankets taking a nap, go and get a good workout. There will be gym guides who will be there to help you out and most probably have more time to pay attention to your workout.

- No Sugar for the holidays. If it seems impossible to do, it isn't. Do other things than eat sweets. You can do stretching exercises like yoga, pilates and the like in your own room. Go out for a brisk walk for an hour. Go on the treadmill or get out of the house so as not to be tempted to eat desserts.

These are but some of the top fat loss secrets that aren't really secrets. The ideas are all there. Implementation, well that's the problem. The secret to losing weight is to want to lose weight and be willing to do whatever it takes for you to lose weight.

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