Five Tips For To Getting Ready To Diet

All healthy diets plans need you to be ready so getting ready is an important component. Start by getting rid of temptations.

If you live alone it is easier to get rid of the tempting foods but if you live with others including children diet time is the time to put down your foot and tell everyone in the house that you need support and you are taking it whether they want to give it or not.

1. Clear out the pantry and the refrigerator: if you are going on a diet that restricts certain foods then remove them from your pantry and even your house. Give them away, store them somewhere else just get them out. Restricting foods can lead to you craving those foods for a while and it is best not to have them around. Sticking to a new regime happens as much in your head as in your body and the battle takes place in your head and you break a diet with a thought not a mouthful. Get rid of all temptation. Some of the foods to think about getting rid of may not be the ones you imagine, of course all the sweets, crisps and junk must go but also consider getting rid of pasta, white flour, any biscuits (even savory ones) white rice, tins of sweet fruits, you get the idea, be ruthless.

2. Before you start your diet increase your fluid intake by 8 glasses of fresh water per day (approx 2 litres). This will start to clean out your cells and your bowl so that when you actually start your diet these things are working properly. If your bowel is not working as you wish then take a fiber substitute with extra water. Having a properly working bowel will help with elimination during the diet which will make it much easier to stick to the regime. Watch for constipation and mood changes caused by your new eating regime, if they happen drink more water to flush.

3. Cut down on your caffeine intake and if possible stop all coffee and black tea while losing weight. Caffeine puts pressure on all your systems so while you are asking your body to concentrate on one thing, give it a break and don't ask it to put up with caffeine. Try going without coffee for a day, if you have no problem keep it up but if you get a withdrawal headache then have one small black coffee and wait to see if that alleviates the headache. You will have to be in control of withdrawing coffee from your system. The thing to remember is only drink black coffee and only when you feel the withdrawal headache coming on.

4. Start a gentle exercise routine a week out from starting any weight loss diet. A half to one hour of walking will get your body moving and help all the other elimination processes you are putting in place. Heavy exercise is not recommended when changing the way you eat so wait for a while before you start at the gym or a new training routine, of course, if you already have a workout routine in place keep going. Exercise is another key ingredient to the elimination and cleansing process. It is the stomach muscles that push waste through us and it is with movement that the process is performed.

5. Get your head around your diet. By writing your healthy weight loss goals out you can place them around your environment to keep reminding you of the why's you are doing the diet. Having firm goals will always make it easier to stay the course. What are yours? If you want to fitter then see yourself in a situation which would give you great satisfaction, such as, surfing like you did when you were a teenager or winning the local marathon. Only you know why it is you are starting this diet and your reasons are no doubt very personal so use them to keep you going and getting to where you want to be.

If you follow these five points in the week before you start a new weight loss regime you are giving yourself a huge head start to achieving your goal. Diets fail for all sorts of reasons but often it is just to difficult to keep some of the more stringent diets going. a healthy way to lose weight is to lose it slowly the same as it took to go on, this is achieved with a change in lifestyle which incorporates all of the above.

Choose your diet carefully.

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