Are You Getting Response On Your House For Sale Ad

This is certainly not the best time to have a house for sale on the market, seems lookers and genuine buyers are hard to come by. You must keep trying if you are going to avoid the foreclosure man, especially if he is already on the way.

If you run into just the right buyer you may be through with the having your house for sale deal, it is hard to tell.

If you get the house put into a land trust and then just say the right investor comes by you could be finished with the thing at least for a while.

One thing you need to be more careful in dealing your house is someone who is capable to pay a down payment for the deal. If this were to happen and your are ready it could happen quickly.

Let us just say for instance you get you house into a land trust and someone comes by with a small chunk of money say three to six thousand dollars. It is more likely that you can sell the house with that down payment.

If so then you must do it on an agreement for deed and the buyer must leave it unrecorded. One big catch, can this person make the payments on the property?

Say he has very recently went through the foreclosure process on another property, he is not going to be in a good position to argue about interest rates and the terms you are going to charge him on the sale.

A must do for you, get a current rate book that you can use to figure principal and interest on the loan you setup for the buyer. What you can do is an owner finance deal. You must do a thorough credit check on your buyer.

Once you have the principal and interest rates figured out, you must also have the taxes and insurance to be of the same amounts.

Therefore when you add all four together you must come up with a monthly payment from the buyer that exceeds your total payment by at least $100.00 to $160.00 per month or more.

Taxes and insurance you cannot change, principal you cannot change so that leaves only the interest rate that you can adjust until you get it to here you have to have.

When you got a pretty nice house, it is a 100% sure that your buyer will like it and positively there could be a done deal. DO NOT give up, EVERYONE has to have a place to live.

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