What Fabrics are Used to Make Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers come in a wide variety of sizes and designs and are made with a great variety of fabrics today. This article will give an overview of some of the different kinds of materials that are currently used as well as their advantages and disadvantages. For those of you that don't yet know what a duvet cover is, the duvet is a somewhat like a quilt which was traditionally filled with down. These days the duvet can be filled with a wide variety of materials including down, and a variety of man made and natural fibers. The duvet is typically used in place of any other type of bedding and a duvet cover is used to both protect the duvet and keep it clean and as a fashionable addition to your bedroom and it's decor.

Silk is a popular fibre for it's unmatched smoothness and luxurious feel. Today duet covers are made with silk and it can give a luxurious feel like no other fabric. One of the disadvantages is the price. Silk duvet covers can be very expensive, but also can be quite durable with good care. If you are interested in trying a silk duvet it too has many advantages. When silk is used as the filling material you will find that it does not serve as a home to dust mites the way down would. Silk linens should be washed in warm water and care should be made to avoid pulling or snagging the fabric. Silk filled duvets require fairly little care. Another advantage of silk is it's ability to be dyed easily with vibrant colors.

Cotton is a another popular fiber that is used often for duvet covers. One of the advantages of cotton is easy and simple cleaning and care. Additionally cotton can allow air to pass easily (or breath well) and comes in a wide range of styles and varieties. Some Egyptian cottons are more expensive and the higher thread counts have smoother, softer feels to them. Egyptian cotton can make for a very luxurious feel in a duvet cover as well. Cotton is perhaps not as durable as some other fabrics and over time may deteriorate faster than others. While Egyptian Cotton can be more expensive some varieties are not as expensive and can be quite affordable. Along with ease of dying, cotton can be woven into patterns and textures allowing for great flexibility in the look of a duvet cover.

Polyester is a man made material that has been used to make duvet covers. Polyester can be very durable and this is why many times it is blended with cotton as a compromise between cottons comfort and polyesters durability. Faux suede is a fabric that is derived from polyester. It can look and feel much like real suede. It is certainly cheaper, easier to clean and can be had in many different colors. Faux suede can also hold it's color better than real suede would.

Regardless of which fabric you choose for a duvet cover there are many factors that you should consider in your shopping including the comfort, price as well as the obvious size considerations. You should also keep in mind the look and feel of the decor of your bedroom that you are going to be using this duvet cover in. Coming years may see yet more options in fabrics used to make duvet covers but it can be hard to imagine materials that could surpass some of the advantages of the silk, cottons and polyester cotton blends afford.

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