New Adjustable Breast Implants End the Misery of Unequal Breasts for Thousands of Women

Every woman has her own reasons for thinking about breast augmentation and the growing numbers of procedures preformed worldwide speak for themselves. No surprises here, mostly because breasts are a symbolic image of womanhood, femininity and sex appeal. Not to talk about the partner's preferences...

Thanks to media coverage and how can you forget about numerous celebrities who have undergone plastic surgery, most of the people are aware of the common reasons for women to go breast augmentation. Some enlarge their breasts in order to make the body more overtly sexy, others are reshaping and enlarging breasts that have lost their shape and volume due to breast-feeding.

But actually, one of the most common reasons leading to surgery is breast asymmetry - meaning breasts that differ in shape and size. Surgeons estimate that asymmetry is present in about 80 % of the population - to a trained eye - and the number increases to 100% when actually measured with the appropriate tools.

According to a recent poll done in England, millions and millions of women are suffering self-image agony - because of breast asymmetry. Now this might come as a shock - more than a third of the women "feel let down" when they look or think about their breasts, which of course contributes to a lack of confidence that can even prevent them from fully enjoying their lives.

The survey also showed that one in five women undress in the dark, or away from their partner and nearly 40% said that they would not wear a bikini in public. And it goes on - 22% said that the situation prevented them from being "carefree" during sex, and a shy 7% said it prevents them from socializing.

But now, at last, there is a way to fix Mother Nature's imperfections. It is the new Spectra Adjustable Gel Implant and it has been pioneered by Mentor in order to answer the problem of moderate asymmetry. With this state-of-the-art high profile, round implant, the surgeon is able, while the patient is on the operating table, to increase the volume of the implant, gently and safely adjusting the breast size. When the surgeon is satisfied with the symmetry, he can complete the procedure.

Hilton Becker, MD, the Boca Raton plastic surgeon who invented the adjustable implants, points out that the adjustable gel implant offers far more options and states that the ability to alter implant size and projection at the time of surgery eliminates the need to discard an implant that does not have the correct dimension.

Other advantages for him are that the adjustable implant may be fine tuned during the time of surgery and the fill tub pulled on the operating table. Alternatively, the desired amount of saline may be added at the time of surgery and postoperative adjustments made via the injection dome.

Injection ports are removed between 3 and 12 months postoperatively. This is a minor procedure performed under local anesthesia in the office!

This implant is available in most countries outside the USA, where we still use the adjustable saline implant (Spectrum). These are the only implants that enable a patient to have a one stage reconstruction, but due to the restraints of the FDA, women in the USA who have a mastectomy and wish to have reconstruction have to under go a two stage procedure

Remember, you have total control over your body so make sure that you love yourself and the way look - it's easier than ever.

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