Green Salon: Opening a Green and Chic Hair and Nail Salon

Beauty salons are not unique for the most part; you can find them in every city or small town. Each one will cater to a specific clientele which is how they all survive together. There is bound to be some duplication however, so other advantages have to be taken to keep your business flourishing.

You might rely on better, more effective marketing for instance or reciprocal arrangements with another business owner that allows you to give discounts and advertise at the same time. For the business owner who is opening a green salon however, part of the hook is already built in- part of your target audience will be already established. You know that the people who are conscientious about protecting the earth, but still want to look their very best are the people who will flocking to your salon, once it is open.

In most states, it is necessary to have a cosmetology license at the very least to open a salon, but further licensure may be necessary if you offer other, more involved services. Further, to make sure that your building is actually within eco guidelines, you will need to have it inspected, at your own expense. Opening a salon is not a matter of simply waking up one day saying that you would like to do some hair, after all- there is training to be done, techniques to be studied and above all, the need to take every option to make things as green as possible.

Start up costs will be a little higher for a green salon vs. a regular salon because there are so many standards and guidelines that you have to keep in mind. The building is going to be the biggest of your expenses and should have as many green features as possible right from the start. If you have to make do and update and upgrade as you go, that is fine too, but the less additional work you have to put into the place, the better.

When figuring what your income projections are going to be, keep in mind that although you can probably charge slightly more for your services than at the average salon, the difference will be minimal at best for your own success. Realistically, only the most ardent eco-warrior will pay more than a few dollars more for services at a green salon over a non-green one, especially after the newness and novelty wear off of your business.

Keep in mind that some green products, while better for the environment may not work in the manner to which people are accustomed and you may actually begin to lose customers, if you do not make some adjustments accordingly.

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