Do You Make This Fat Loss Mistake

You tried it in the past.

Gave all your effort.

Bared the pain and hassle in an attempt to get rid of your excess stomach fat.


Like most others. Limited your food consumption and started getting more "active".

And it seemed to work. At first. Then NOT so much. Your body was thinking... "WOW! I'm getting less food and more work, I think I'll use some of this excess stomach fat for energy." But after a while the tune changed.

Your body began thinking... "YIKES! All this extra work without the food I need, I think I'll store some so I have it on reserve." Guess what?

You are stuck in a very familiar pattern. Probably haven't noticed it. Every time you get sick n' tired of your excess fat you most likely go through the same familiar cycle... 1. Eat less ...

2. Sweat more ...

3. Shed a few pounds at first and then gain it all right back. It's what most people do. The equivalent of starving themselves. They know nothing else. Unfortunately it is the biggest fat loss mistake you can make.


Do this every time you want to lose weight and guess what your body starts thinking?

"HEY- I am getting used to this lose a few, gain a few back cycle! I'll recognize it the next time and just store fat right away so I will have the energy on hand."

And the cycle continues.

It's why it begins to get harder to lose any weight and much easier to gain it back.

Your body begins to fight you.

It's a lot like getting stuck in quick sand... the harder you struggle to lose a few pounds... the fatter you get. And this is why most overweight people never lose their stubborn fat and get the lean, head-turnin body they lust for.

The keep making that same old fat loss mistake.

And it's also why so many people who have lived their lives in this "yo-yo" starvation pattern have greatly increased difficulty losing any weight. They even tend to pack on more pounds as the days, months and years go by.

It's all because they unknowingly make the fat loss mistake of punishing their body. They simply do NOT understanding how to give their body what it needs.

Bottom line...

Your body doesn't respond to starvation.

It is why dieting does NOT work.

The key to losing your excess fat is to learn HOW to eat. That means, learn how to eat the right foods at the right times. That's what your body needs.

I finally figured it out. Took me three years of struggle.

But once I stopped focusing on the "norm" starve myself in an attempt to lose weight... and learned how to eat, things changed. I lost a lot of weight.

My advice?

Avoid making that same old fat loss mistake.

Avoid dieting and everything else that has to do with "starvation".

Learn HOW to eat. You will be happier and lose more weight in the long run.

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