What to Expect from a Pay Per Click Advertising Company

What do you expect from a Pay Per Click Advertising Company? Have you had positive, negative or mediocre experiences? Are you sourcing a PPC agency for the first time?

A Pay Per Click Advertising Company is there to partner you in growing your business. This is done by firstly taking time to understand your business, your competitive advantage, competitors, client profile, seasonal and market trends. A professional PPC company will conduct an in-depth interview with you at the beginning of what should be a long and successful relationship.

Some people wonder why they should use a Pay Per Click Advertising Company? Many set up campaigns following the instructions by themselves and depending on their ability have different levels of success. The reality is that without comprehensive training and industry experience these campaigns can be very costly.

To design and set up a fully professional PPC campaign is actually very time-consuming. The set up is the initial stage which then needs to be followed with daily attention and ongoing optimisation.

The first step to set up a PPC Campaign is assessing the client information, studying the competitors and then conducting in-depth keyword research. This keyword research should be exhaustive and include negative keywords to prevent wasteful clicks. The next stage is the creation of ad texts which should be numerous and specifically matched to very small keyword groups. Therefore the campaign is controlled and will achieve a higher quality score which means a lower cost per click as the account builds history. Not only this, but your potential clients will always see ad texts that appear to mirror their thought and search process.

Analysis of existing landing pages is also done during this set up period. A professional PPC agency will give recommendations for any changes to optimise these landing pages before the PPC advertising goes live. All keywords/ad texts are deep linked to the most relevant landing pages to ensure the highest possible conversion rate.

Budget is agreed based on a combination of client budget availability and keyword costs. The starting budget should neither be too high or too low. If it is too low there is a risk to achieving a high quality score over time, plus of course missing out on sales opportunities. The reason not to have it too high at the very beginning is to achieve some history, as this time is when the clicks will be at their most expensive and also to be able to analyse the initial performance of the campaign. After 1-2 weeks if the campaign is performing well this is a good time to increase the budget as now it has built some history.

All parts of the PPC process should be carried out with full transparency to the client. A professional PPC company will explain any jargon which the client does not understand and also help the client understand the logical process behind the keywords, ad texts, ad groups etc.

The aim at all times is to ongoingly increase the profitability of the client's business while also building an excellent long term working relationship together.

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