Selling Your House In Dire Times

Have you experienced difficulty about your house in these times? A lot of people seek for help how to save their house while avoiding foreclosure. Right now, as you read this article I am hoping that I could possibly will help you.

I bought the lot that we have now about three years ago and we thought that it was the best price ever at that time. At that time, we paid what we thought was a decent price because it was not too much at that time.

We put as much as we could in the down payment, We paid like $5000 down, but could not pay more until we sold our old house. This is the second house we have owned.

The house we had we sold and made probably around 7 or 8 thousand on it as we bought it maybe five years before this one. We sold it about four months after we bought this one.

I thought at the time we were doing really well, here we were in the house of our dreams. We bought new appliances and mostly new furniture when we first sold our old home, for our newly bought home now.

At about this time the economy started to turn bad and one thing led to another, and all of a sudden the cushion of 3 to 4 hundred dollars per month that we were able to save started to dry up as I started to get less and less hours at work.

Yes we still had maybe four thousand dollars in savings, fat chance of that getting us through, as during the fall of 2008, the company I worked for went belly up and here I am without a job. My wife is still working but is only about a third of what we need monthly.

Then we talked about selling the house and renting a cheap place till things pick back up, what a joke, sell it to whom? For how much?

We purchased the place $95000.00 and financed about $89000.00, but then we got to checking with a realtor friend and the value now is right around $72000.00 tops would be $76000.00, so now what do we do?

We cannot afford the payments any more. It is very impossible to sell the place because we owe about $88000.00 and we can get at best 76000.00 so really what do we do?

Then I talked to a guy about it and said that I might possibly find an investor who could really give us the idea of what we are planning to our house.

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