Why You Should Keep On Quitting Until You Find The Best Affiliate Program For Your Business.

It was Napoleon Hill who coined the motivational proverb,

"A quitter never wins - and - a winner never quits".

This saying is very useful for Internet marketers who are doing their best to get an online affiliate marketing business off the ground in an market where more than 95% of people who promote affiliate programs on the Internet quit without making any money at all.

If you look at the other 5% of affiliate marketers, you will find that they do not give up so easily. Persistence is one of the essential virtues that everybody seeking Internet affiliate marketing success must have.

In spite of all the hype surrounding "automated website profits" you won't make any money with an affiliate website if you don't treat it like a full-time business.

That includes thoroughly searching for the best affiliate program that serves your market niche, and testing it and promoting it full time - at least until you have established a dominant presence in your chosen niche market.

But, "never quitting" doesn't mean that you should not drop an affiliate marketing company if it turns out not to offer the best affiliate program for your needs.

Stubbornly persisting with anything less than the best affiliate program for your business is as misguided as quitting too quickly.

Look at Thomas Edison and his light bulb.

Edison tested hundreds of different ideas before he found a viable design. Your affiliate programs are like Edison's light bulbs. If you have tested them thoroughly and they don't work - replace them!

An affiliate program is simply a vehicle designed to get you to where you want to go. Don't mistake the vehicle for the dream. If the vehicle is a clunker, you need to "quit" driving it and get a new one so that you can reach your goal.

You should always be on the look-out for promising affiliate programs. As you get better at affiliate marketing, you will want to add new affiliate programs to your portfolio in order to increase your income.

As you bring in more affiliate programs to your business, you will notice that your best affiliate program generates much more money than several the rest combined. It will make sense for you to concentrate most of your attention on the program that generates most income.

The other affiliate programs can either be dropped if they are not making any money, or left as they are if they generate some extra cash for you.

This process of running with the winners and dropping the losers (or "quitting" when they don't make you any money) is a much more intelligent way to pursue your ultimate affiliate marketing goal.

So, while it is true that "a quitter never wins - and - a winner never quits", it is also true that a winner never mistakes the means for the end, or the vehicle for the dream.

Thomas Edison knew the difference every time he "gave up" on a design for his light bulb. Affiliate marketers should vigorously search until they have found the best affiliate program for their business and then never quit promoting it!

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