Blastoff Network- A Good Free Way To Make Money

Before I begin with the Blastoff Network review, I want to tell you up front that it is NOT a scam.

As I was checking through my emails to keep updated on what's going on in the Network Marketing industry, I came across an email that had the subject as "Blastoff Network."

I have not heard of the Blastoff Network before so I gave it a little bit of my time. As I was doing some research, I kept thinking to myself, "This has to be one of the coolest things ever!"

What the Blastoff Network is all about is that they are made up of over 400 of the world's largest brand names and retail stores. So instead of going to the store and purchasing a product, you would purchase the product through your Blastoff Network account and then you will get a percentage of your purchase back. For example, lets say you wanted to purchase an album from iTunes. You could go straight to the iTunes and purchase it, OR you could log into your Blastoff account and purchase the same thing and get 3% of the cash back! Do you see how cool this actually is my friends.

Some people may get the impression that cheaper products means that the quality of the products are not as good. This is not true. When you purchase something through the Blastoff Network, you are getting the EXACT same product that you would be getting if you walked into the store and purchased it right there. No quality is sacrificed. The only thing that is different about the products is that through the Blastoff Network they are much cheaper :)

So number one- Blastoff Network saves you money on your everyday purchases.

This network gets even cooler though!

It is actually also a Network Marketing opportunity. What this entails is that when you get people involved in the Blastoff Network and they buy something, you will get paid a commission.

The more people you invite, the more money you make. And as the people that you refer to the Blastoff Network invite other people, you will continue to get paid on all of their purchases as well...out to 10 degrees of separation from yourself!

So you can see that you have an opportunity here to save and make money by owning a Blastoff account.

But now the question that you are wondering is how much does it cost?

Well my friend this is the best part. To have a membership it is free with no strings attached! That really is the part that excited me.

It is one thing to try and sponsor someone into a Network Marketing opportunity with monthly fees but to sponsor someone into a free opportunity is virtually effortless. You just have to know how you can share the Blastoff Network with as many as possible.

When marketing either online or offline, you have to have a marketing system in place hands down. There is no way getting around it, and if you do will not be making any money. For my personal style, I like to market online because I market or promote something once and it is viewed over and over again throughout the internet for a long period of time. But on the other hand, if you choose to market offline you will have to present what ever it is that you are marketing time after time after time. When you stop speaking, you stop marketing. As on the Internet, you could always be marketing.

For my personal style and taste marketing online is by far the best way to market anything. But how exactly do you market online?

With a system. The world's number one attraction marketing system.

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