Personal Change (Part Three): Whats holding you back

Having conducted a life audit to identify areas for change and set some goals so to give a clear destination for which to aim, it is now time to think (positively, of course!) about turning those goals into action. The harsh reality is that in any attempt to change and improve your life you will probably encounter some barriers. Perhaps we can take heart from this quote from the American moralist, Frank A. Clark:

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

Certainly, any worthwhile endeavour is fraught with difficulties and there are a number of different factors which may slow you down in your quest to eat better, be cleverer with your money, get that promotion or whatever it is that you are aiming for.

Half the battle is your own commitment. Ask yourself, "Is it worth it?" If the answer is, "No" then it is worth revisiting your goals - you may have set the wrong ones. However, let's be positive and assume that the answer is, "Yes!" and look at what might be getting in your way.

Environment: Tidy up! Scattered surroundings are seldom a sign of determination. Clear away the clutter in your office and home. If you have possessions which symbolise the 'old you' - maybe photographs, certain items of clothing or even a bad school report - then remove them. You do not need reminders of the past which you are leaving behind. You need indicators of the future you are moving towards: a picture of a beach; a new t-shirt; a letter of thanks. Whatever it is, put it where you can see it.

Attitude: Remember to THINK POSITIVE! Bad memories, low self-esteem, fears, regrets - these will not help you achieve your goals. You cannot change the past; but you can learn from it and leave it behind. Focus forward and remember that your goals are SMART and that the 'A' in SMART stands for 'Attainable'. You can do it!

Resources (lack of): It may be a particular skill, a certain area of knowledge, or simply a sum of money. It is likely that you will not start the journey with everything you need for success. Part of succeeding is gathering your tools along the way. Join a class. Read a book. Practice. Take a part-time job. Work out what you need and get it.

People: They can be your greatest help and also your biggest hindrance. Perhaps out of jealousy or competitiveness or even just a fear that your success will highlight their failure, some people will try to stop you achieving your goals. If you can't move away from them completely (perhaps they are family, or work colleagues) then try to minimise their influence. Most people will be on your side; don't allow the ones who aren't to stop you succeeding.

So, think positive and push over, under or even through those obstacles on the way to achieving your goals.

Airborne Beauty Salon Chemicals--Three Ways to Breathe HealthIer Air in Your Salon

First impressions are important and lasting. You are more likely to increase your client base if your shop smells inviting as potential customers enter. Here are 3 do-able things that will eliminate unpleasant beauty salon smells fast.

Rethink the Products You Use-Volatile organic chemicals are found in many of the products that are in constant use for hair and nail care. These chemicals evaporate easily into the air and can linger for hours.

The more stylist in your salon, the greater the potential is for volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) to be released into the air. And more chemicals in the air mean the air will not only smell bad, but be unhealthy for you and your clients. There are products available now that give you an alternative.

The PBA (Professional Beauty Association) is an excellent resource for finding products that should and should not be used. They have a list of chemicals that are now illegal to use, sell or distribute. Since legislation changes frequently, check your shelves regularly to make sure that older products do not contain chemicals that have been banned.

Store Chemicals Properly--Dispose of products that can not be resealed, and store unopened products in air tight containers. This prevents leaks and constant off-gassing of chemicals. Throw empty containers, gloves, and tissues in a metal trash can that has a lid, and move them to an outside disposal area as soon as possible. Any items that have chemicals on them such as towels gloves aprons should be stored away from the salon are and washing or disposed of as soon as possible.

Remove Airborne Chemicals with an Air Purifier-An air cleaner with a filter that is specifically designed to remove chemicals from the air can be a partner for good health in your salon. It is important to look at the technical specifications of the cleaner to be sure that it will eliminate airborne chemicals. A purifier that can safely work 24 hours whether you are there or not means you can look forward to opening the door each morning no longer afraid of how taking a deep breath will make you feel.

Clearing the air of chemicals is not only good for you, the other stylists, and your customers, but it's good for business as well. A beauty shop that is free of fumes makes a terrific first impression with potential customers and means they are much more likely to give your shop a try.