Getting over her guide

Relationships are complicated. Breakups are even more difficult. Each of the two parts involved have a different story to tell, the blame always belonging to the other person. Getting over her might seem like an impossible thing to accomplish but not if you follow the advice of someone who knows what he's talking about. You can get over a broken heart and one of the first steps that you need to take is resist the urge to become her friend. As soon as you realize that she has moved on, try and accept things as they are.

There is not one single relationship out there that has a happy end. All relationship breakups end badly, with both sides suffering. Getting over her will not be as hard to accept if you see that she has moved on with her life. But do you do if she is still considered whether the breakup was worth it or not? This is the most difficult situation in which you can find yourself, a situation when it can be more than impossible to get over a broken heart. How could you not want to be with her when she still hasn't let you go completely? Well, in this situation, you have to find out if she is more broken hearted than you are.

An important thing to consider when it comes to relationship breakups is who has the head start. This means that one of the two people involved in the relationship has already started to move on, without letting go of the connection completely. Getting over her will suddenly become easier, as you will notice that she has that head start we mentioned earlier. Your ex has already considered the advantages the relationship breakup will bring to her, her heart gradually recovering from the suffering (if this actually existed). Don't be tempted to consider that you're both suffering the same. Chances are that she isn't suffering but only regretting the things that were good about the two of you.

As soon as you realize that the suffering in a relationship breakup is not equal (her having the obvious head start), you can consider the possibility of getting over her. The relationship might still mean something to you but for her such things are no longer important. For you to get over a broken heart, you have to make peace with your inner feelings of regret, resentment and even despair. Don't try to reach her, don't call her insistently and just let her be. Getting over her is not possible if you keep trying to bring her back in your life, appealing to all sorts of tricks and methods that are just simply going to make things worse.

Her behavior is probably one of the most important things that you will have to consider when it comes to getting over her. Can you still consider her as being your partner when she has clearly moved on? While relationships are complicated, with breakups things are a lot clearer, even though the level of difficulty is clearly higher. If you have broken up with your sweetheart and she has quickly moved on, then getting over her should be quite a simple thing to accomplish. Are you ready to get over a broken heart? It's high time you were!


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