LG KMNine00 Arena Mobile Phone Review - Connect With the New Generation Media Phone

Every time a new mobile phone handset is released into the public domain, its features seem to get bigger and better than ever before. With technology advancing at a rapid rate, it is difficult to think of how the next phone might top the last. The LG KM900 Arena Is one of a new breed of mobile phones that has been designed to top everything similar that has gone before it but it has received mixed reviews. Some users say it is absolutely perfect whilst others vent their frustrations. Which group of people is right? Read on to find out.

Mobile Style

The LG KM900 Arena will immediately strike you as an absolutely gorgeous phone. It is stylish in a classic way and will appeal to people of all ages and both genders. With an incredibly sleek gray metal exterior and a black battery cover, it has clean lines and actually exudes luxury. It definitely looks the part and it feels it too at 10mm thick. It fits easily in the hand but is not so lightweight that you may think that there is nothing about the beauty that goes beyond the appearance.

Furthermore, the screen actually adds to the appeal because it is of such a high resolution that it is visibly stunning. With a 480x800 pixel count on the WVGA screen, you can see everything in the 3 inch screen on a new and improved crystal clear level. As a touch screen phone, the LG KM900 Arena also gives you the chance to change your home screen as and when you like so you can personalise it to suit your own wants and needs.

Beauty More Than Skin Deep

Aside from the style and sheer beauty of the LG KM900 Arena, there are a lot of features that make the phone more than just easy on the eye. The connectivity, for example, is excellent with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi available. There is also a fantastic camera that is more than just a lovely touch. It is 5MP and produces solid images that are high in detail no matter what the light is like. Macro mode is excellent if you want to take close shots and the LED flash works well in lower light so that you can capture every moment.

However, it is the multimedia capabilities that really blow the competition out of the water. The LG KM900 Arena features Dolby Mobile to enhance the sound. This works for music in addition to the movie capabilities. Every movie you watch will astound you. There is more than enough memory on board for you to watch the films you want, with 8GB built in. It can be further supplemented with a MicroSD card of up to 40GB. The performance is also of a high standard so you can enjoy all the media facilities you like.

Forgotten Basics

There are only a few niggles associated with the LG KM900 Arena. The main one is the fact that LG have seemingly forgotten the basics because of the enhanced functionality of the handset. Call functionality is a little temperamental and the sound is often a little muffled. However, that is not the biggest issue. That would be the QWERTY keypad. It is incredibly difficult to work with because the spacing is incredibly poor. In order to create a message, you have to type slowly in order to hit the right keys. This is a major issue for most people.

In truth, the LG KM900 Arena split between frustrated and ecstatic is about right because there are some amazing features in there. However, without the basics right first, LG have made a mistake. The calling functionality is of the utmost importance and without it this phone will drive you insane. However, if you can put up with the poor functionality on calls and texting then you have all the features you need right there.

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