Discover How to Get Post-It Notes Distributed and Sit Back and Wait for Sellers to Call


Typically you'll know when your people are out there delivering the way they should be. If they tell you they're delivering on Tuesday and you don't get a single call, then maybe it's worth driving the neighborhood to verify and see if they're still on there.

If they're going out at 4:00 in the afternoon to deliver post-it notes, maybe you should get in your car at 7:00 and drive around to see if you can see them on the doors. If you're not getting calls, that's possibly one reason.

You can hire family members. I hire a lot of my tenants who have kids. That's who I hire a lot, particularly because they know the streets. It's worked very effectively for me.

You can use Craigslist and you can use bulletin boards to hire people. A caveat here is be careful. I've had some success and I've had some problems doing this. If you get the right people and monitor them the right way, it should work. With all of Craigslist always be careful. You can get some strange things going on with Craigslist, but it can be an effective way to get somebody to distribute your post-it notes.

Post-It Note Placement

Remember that you're going to place them on the front door, or on a window if there's no convenient place to put it on the door.

One of the other things you've got to check out and make of is that when you get the post-it notes they have a lot of stickiness to them. Some post-it notes have had this problem over the years. They come and they have a little bit of stickiness but not enough. You put on the window or door - particularly if the door is dirty - a little breeze comes up and they blow off.

Posting Tips

Make sure your people know they can't just throw them on there. They have to take their hand and rub it over the sticky part to make sure it's adhering well. Otherwise a puff of wind comes along and they will blow away. Honestly, if there's a window they can stick it to, it's going to be much better than wood, screens or anything of that nature.

These things are very easy to peel off. They don't leave any residue behind. Nobody should ever complain that you damaged their paint or anything of that nature. That's a bunch of bunk. As you know, sticky notes have a little stickiness and certainly never enough to do any damage. If somebody calls you up and says, "It peeled off my paint" or whatever, that's a bunch of crap. Ignore that.

So stickiness is one of the problems I've had in the past with this system. As you put hundreds of them on there and you get a puff of wind and 50% of them are blown off, keep that in mind.