Earn Money When You Work From Home On The Internet

The perfect internet busines would be hard to find through the muddy waters of advertising on the social platforms and elsewhere on the net. Some very sophisticated marketing techniques are currently employed So what is the best system and where do you find it.

There are no short cuts to success, neither do we get something for nothing. A Golden opportunity distingushes itself simply because it is to the buyer? What should the keen armature look for before making what could actually be the only test they make. It is a fact that over 90% of internet marketers fail, why? Simply because they did not understand what they were buying.

Some stellar successes are reported within the Affiliate sector for the record and many more sad failures. With Affiliate systems you need to be a serious and creative marketer with the ability to use all the tools available to entice visitors to the sales page. The reason for the high failure rate is that it is a low cost start up, so many just give it a go! You don't need a product because you sell someone else's for a commission and some of which are very generous. You don't even need a website as proven by the successful bloggers.

Then there are the very patient and Creative Marketers with their own products who generate an ever increasing revenue stream by constantly adding value to their original offering. Most have a well maintained and respected monthly newsletter. These news letters contain all manner of hints and tips and of course, offers. The really good 'own product' marketers don't have a website as such, they rely upon expert communication. Some make bucket loads of money 2 or 3 or even $4 million a year and some even more. Again start up costs can be very low.

Businesses in a box are advertised widely. Many of these are simply buying an opportunity and selling loads more to the unsuspecting. If there was a force policing the Internet it would probably call many of these 'opportunities' a scam and the buyer should be aware. The failure rate is astonishing and serves to keep the international failure rate very high.

If the interested and aware person really writes down some key criteria that their venture must contain and not compromise at all in their selection, they will almost certainly do well. This is the satisfaction of owning what you want.

Multiple streams of income can only be created from a multi faceted business. It could be called ideal because the marketer would choose a channel while learning the ropes of another. And then have a training platform included so the they can soak up the knowledge of others.

So what are 'all the elements'? Because the internet is so huge and the opportunities so varied, a multi sector business simply has to be main stream but different. Quality in everything it does supporting the entrepreneur with a ground breaking training programme to sell on product opportunity and training packages that suit the buyer rather than the 'easy way'.

Serious market research is required befor plunging into a life defining decision!

The Three Ways to Find Sellers

In my career as a successful real estate investor, I have wasted a lot of time and a lot of energy talking to real estate agents.

Among other people, (like friends and family)... if you told a realtor about my strategies for buying real estate... they will tell you my strategies don't work and you cannot buy real estate that way.

All my real estate buying strategies are one hundred percent legal and ethical, by the way.

Don't get me wrong... I have used real estate agents before. I have often used them to sell my properties. I simply never talk to them when I'm on the buying side.

Some of them can be really great assets -- again... if you use them correctly.

But most of them will rob you of your dreams. They may not know it. They may think they have your best interests at heart... some of them may even believe they are absolutely, 100% correct when they tell you what I teach you is "not possible"...

But at the end of the day, you must ask yourself one question. How do they put food on their dinner table?

They do so with the one way they know of selling houses. The one way they know will guarantee them a commission when the property changes hands... cleanly from one owner to another.

You, on the other hand... you're going into a deal talking about seller financing, 2nd mortgages, wholesaling, lease options and all these weird ways of buying real estate... and suddenly... the lines are not so clear anymore. The realtor doesn't see where he gets paid. A lot of them even think that, maybe... you're scamming them out of their commission altogether.

Well, hell. If I were a realtor and I had no idea what you were trying to pull here, I'd be wary of you too.

So let's say you stop talking to realtors when you're hunting for properties. Just stop talking to them altogether.

Where does that leave you?

I asked this question to one of my classes recently. Lots of great answers came back...

• Newspapers
• Craigslist
• Driving around neighborhoods
• Friends & Family
• Old Listings while jogging

All excellent ways of finding sellers, and every single one is "outside of the system"... so I'm quite proud of my students. This was, after all, only week four of thirty-eight in my course when I asked them this question.

But at the end of the day...

What do you notice about all six ways my students rattled off above? Do you see a pattern? Take a closer look, if you haven't.

It's this. You're still working your butt off to contact these sellers. Scanning the classifieds, Craigslist... randomly picking up a deal here or there while driving or jogging.

These are all under the category of "You contact them". The SECOND of three ways you can find sellers.

What's the third way?

You ready?

Get them to contact you.

Now you're the person in charge. You're driving the bus. You're negotiating from a place of power. They can't get mad at you or hang up on you... and if they do... hey, they called you in the first place!

How do you get motivated sellers calling you, then? Well, that's at least three weeks of training materials... but I'll say this much:

Marketing Systems.  

To your real estate success,

Dario Lorenzo  

Copyright (c) 2009 Dario Lorenzo